Happy holiday, Latvia!

   There are written tons of manuscripts and thousands terabytes of electronic articles about modern Russia. Everybody discusses the present situation and possible ways out. But a priori nobody notices or wants to notice all the idiocy of the events! Duty-bound and visiting different countries, I pay attention not to the standard of living and citizens' prosperity but to the level of "moral health" (no matter how haughty it may sound) and the citizens' attitude to their country. Amusing as it may seem, but these are two "backbone" factors. And countries, where people (citizens) trust to their countries (in a majority, because there always are a lot of "freaks"), are more beneficial in comparison with other countries! To be honest, I as Russian (the secular and lying name), I am Russian! (who lost his home), like the attitude of the citizens of Latvia to their country.

   There is a "socialistic competition" among the power and "citizens" in my "native land". One part invents new, frankly silly, blood-thirsty, misanthropic, absurd (how do I have to call them to explain) laws that, being fulfilled, make people's lives IMPOSSIBLE! Others try to survive, compete in non-obligation to keep these cannibal laws and invent different evasions and loopholes in laws! If you keep laws, you are sucker! It is humiliating to work "for a man"! It isn't complete catechism of modern "Russians"... Agree with me, that there aren't any changes after the ever-memorable Soviet. It means that till now citizens associate the country with an enemy, an occupant, and they have to hide everything: finances (not paying taxation), children ("rubbing off" from army), an account in a foreign bank (because "We cannot"!) and a foreign passport too... And it is pleasure (I don't sneer!) to observe the country where citizens accept and understand their country! I call this wonderful "phenomenon" - "my country sense"!

   There are really clean edges on towns' streets, on highways and country roads (there are stratums of mud and domestic rubbish on edges in Russia!). It is uncustomary here to throw out empty bottles and rubbish from car windows, because there have to be clean in "my country"!

   Functionaries of all ranks are polite. There aren't any lines in "government" institutions (and if, however, there are some, it means that lines are electronic and there are tickets that could be printed at the door). There aren't any bustle and hurry people ("I have just one question!"). The national machine works precisely and quietly like a mechanism of Swiss watch, because people have to feel comfort during communication with the power in "their country"!

   Police and other "agents of national security" are respectful and undistinguished, nobody "blinks eyes" and carps at people with no reasons, because there are respectable, law-abiding citizens in "their country" who don't have to prove every policeman that they don't violate the laws.

   Workers of consumers services are friendly to customers, because a consumer is worthy of high-quality products and services in "his country".

   There isn't tolerant attitude to boorishness and disruptive behavior in public places. People show their sentiment to their country. Maybe, it is the reason why there aren't any hook-nosed brunets who trade with vegetables on cities' pavements. People from "their country" want that their neighbours would be with the same cultural traditions...

   I wanted to congratulate beautiful country Latvia with the Independence Day (the 18-th of November), but I came to the "exposure" of Russia. It's because of that my heart bleeds when I am observing all the excesses of the mad Republic of Russia! And it is pleasure to be in Latvia that became as the second home to me. I want to address to Russian people who live in Latvia and, being both citizens and "non- citizens", damn the country, hoping that "kind" uncle Putin will hear and save them. Ladies and Gentlemen, there isn't rescue in the hell, the hell takes you and your souls. Become citizens of your country (it's not difficult!) and, as in the song, GO West!

   What do I want to wish citizens of the Republic of Latvia else in this great holiday? Protect your country! There has been done a lot of work for years after the Soviet power. Citizens appreciate and value the country and government services! People don't take bribes in comparison with the situation in Russia! (Well, almost...) All the magistracies I have talked to are patriotic and honest to themselves and people, and they don't see their future without independent Latvia! Happy holiday once more and thank you for the example of that there is able to create the modern and democratic country in the post-Soviet territory!

The independence costs a lot, but it's worth it!