It's no coincidence that our Foundation timed the publication of the book of the famous Russian journalist, writers Sergey Alexeev to coincide with an important event in the life of Latvia: the Republic of Latvia will celebrate the 105-years-old anniversary of proclamation of state independence in 2023. It's wonderful!

   We want the book «Invader repentance» to see the light of day specifically in 2023. We want to offer Latvian readers a point of view of a person born in a free country occupied by his «militarist grandfathers», a view from «the Russian world» on half-a-century-old events. We want to help a very interesting (no exaggeration!) man, journalist and writer publish his book. Sergey Alexeev - a refugee from Russia who was indiscriminately accused of committing «crimes against state» (nowadays in Russia attempting to write an HONEST book is qualified exactly like that!) by the Russian judiciary system, a man who is genuinely fascinated by Latvia's successes on the way to overcome the consequences of Soviet occupation, a man who does not hide his pride for the existence of an independent Latvian Republic!

   What Sergey Alekseev writes in his book «Invader repentance» can rarely be read in Latvian «Russian-language» press and (all the more so!) in Russia's «central» press, where the author has worked for more than 20 years. That is exactly why we are hoping to make «Invader repentance» available to all Latvians by publishing it literally translated into the national language!

   Three chapters from the book, which the author and his family managed to save from confiscation during a search in his Moscow flat, are already available to read online. By the end of 2022 the author is planning to finish replicating the manuscript, which was confiscated on the 8th of December 2010 by officers of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Let's help the author in his difficult and all-important work!