Dear friends!

   As you know in 2017 we started a new beginning - Rehabilitation Center for the CTO warriors (Ukraine)- aka "ФĒNIKSS".
Today we have real wonderful location (Place in a quiet natural region of Latvia near the Baltic sea) suitable territory and good house, where we will make this center. The official opening of the Center is being planed for May 2018.

   We have a concept of the Center's work and a full understanding and responsibility for the process that will take place there. Until the official opening of the Center, we still have lots things to do. We are looking for partners in order to do a permanent job in two areas:
- preparation and testing of the formation for the purposes and tasks of socio-psychological rehabilitation;
- selection of candidates: those veterans of the CTO who will be interested in participating in such a program.

And of course, we always need money: please send your donation!

   For solve these problems, we invite volunteers: as private individuals so and organizations from Latvia, Ukraine and any other who care. We can be reliable partners and looking for a "friends in deed".

   We are sure that you will easily see the full range of opportunities and the full potential of this international, humanistic and partnership project, designed for many years. We invite veterans to be more active, feel free to contact us, send applications for rehabilitation courses, and promote the idea of this project in Ukraine and all over the world by all available means.

   Should be emphasized once again: all accommodation (with meals) and a rehabilitation course for CTO veterans in our Center are absolutely free, are carried out at the expense of voluntary donations of individuals and organizations. At the moment, we have not solved the problem of free arrival/departure of veterans to the Center, but we are keep working on it. So before the time when we official opening of the Center, the problem of travel (flight) you have to solve by yourself.

We are waiting for you, dear friends!

Together we can score and overcome everything!