The partner program
of the tax burden decrease for Latvian business

Ladies and Gentlemen employers!

   The Latvia Renaissance Foundation expresses respect to You and Your business and offers to take part in our program of tax burden decrease for medium-sized businesses of the Republic of Latvia.

   This program is directed to development and perfection of existent business that is working successfully and paying taxation properly. According to The Law of the Republic of Latvia «About Socially Useful Organizations» from 2014, we offer all businesses and organizations:

- 85% discount of income tax for juridical people;
- 25% discount of income tax for physical people;
- total exemption from taxation to immovable property and building projects;
- free advertising of Your company and Your production in presentation materials and in actions of the Latvia Renaissance Foundation.

   These privileges are ABSOLUTELY legal (as opposed to offshore methods of tax evasion), patriotic and will be supported by Revenue Service (VID) that has made the register of socially useful organizations since 2009.

   In addition, we offer to put the logo of the Latvia Renaissance Foundation and the text «The Latvia Renaissance Foundation recommends» on labels of production and in websites of businesses with the purpose to advance products and services of the businesses that collaborate with the Latvia Renaissance Foundation. Love of our country, pride of native products, desire to help local producer financially are the strongest feelings that have to be encouraged, and we can get a ponderable and competitive advantage in this way.

   We can offer membership in the Latvia Renaissance Foundation with possibility to put suitable information on labels of products and in websites of businesses to the businesses that have successfully collaborated with the Latvia Renaissance Foundation for a few years. At the same time, there will be posted supplemental information about a business, a member of the Latvia Renaissance Foundation, in the Latvia Renaissance Foundation website in the part «They revive the country», which undoubtedly will increase the recognition of a company in the market and will assist to increase sales volumes.