Our principles
are simple to understand and easy to execute!

   If You are sure You are a Human, You have to have responsibility for Your words and actions. Your ancestors went on tanks into the independent country, made unlimited activities, were having people on but didn't think of the possible consequences. And now it is time to answer...

   Money is the easiest and the simplest way to regulate all the historical complaints.

   In order to Russia could be called a democratic country, we had to make five steps:
- to admit that crimes were committed;
- to formally apologize to victims and their descendants;
- to investigate suitably, find culprits and punish them;
- to deliver proportionate compensation to crime victims and their descendants, including material consideration;
- to save the history at the state level.

   We can find lots of excuses in order to not to pay. We can continue lying on shabby couches, drinking beer and chatting in forums that «We aren't due to them anything!» The «biomass» that is living in Russia now is living like that, but a real Human can't behave like that.

   For this reason our fund gives real Human the chance to remain the same in the difficult course of life. These are all the principles, thank You for reading to the end!

Now You know all about us
so it's up to You how You will live in future.

    P.S. All our projects are concrete. We don't fulfill impracticable dreams, we help concrete people every day. Do You want to help together with us? Join!

«The Soviet Story»
by Edvins SHNORE

«A controversial history»
by Inara KOLMANE